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s t e p h + j a y 》》 4 . 17 . 2018

“Mackenzie photographed 4 different events over the course of a year for my husband and I leading up to our wedding, We first hired her to shoot our engagement photos. We wanted beach photos so she took us to a beautiful location she knew of in Westerly, RI. It was an extremely windy day and we could not control the sand blowing past us and my hair blowing in my face but Mackenzie stayed determined and captured such amazing photos that you would never know the behind the scenes craziness of our day! We had such an great experience and absolutely loved her photography that we asked her if she would travel to Mexico with us to shoot our destination wedding. She agreed and we could not have been happier!

As we prepared for our wedding I knew I also wanted to give my husband a boudoir album as a wedding gift. I booked my boudoir shoot with Mackenzie. It is obviously a little nerve wracking to get in front of the camera in just lingerie but she made me feel super comfortable and we laughed through the whole thing! The shoot was honestly so much fun and the photos came out so beautiful. My husband loved the gift!

Next, my mother and girlfriends hired Mackenzie to photograph my bridal shower. I am so grateful she was there to capture all the thoughtful details that my bridal party worked so hard on to make it such a special occasion. The floral centerpieces, the donut desserts and all the moments shared with my favorite ladies - she got it all on camera! She also helped my mom create a very touching photo slideshow that was displayed that day.

Lastly, Mackenzie then packed up her equipment and flew with us to photograph our destination wedding in Mexico. From the day we landed she was on point! We pretty much planned our wedding through email with the resort and did not actually see anything in person until we actually got there. Mackenzie came with us to meetings with our coordinator, DJ and videographer on the first few days of our trip and was super professional and knowledgeable when working with our other vendors. She agreed to wrangle our 70 wild guests in matching t-shirts for an epic group photo session and photograph our wedding party "rehearsing" in our swimsuits on the beach in the days before our wedding. On the day of, she was with me and my bridal party bright and early at the spa as we got ready, she bounced back and fourth all over the resort to keep up with our agenda for the day and was with us until the night ended. My husband was a total "bride-zilla" (haha) and Mackenzie handled his craziness like a true professional! Props to her for putting up with him! Every moment of our wedding day was captured perfectly and we are over-the-moon happy with our photos.

She will surely be our go-to for all future photography opportunities in our lives and we continue to recommend her to our friends and family. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with an incredible woman and very talented photographer - we are happy to have her be a part of the most special times in our lives!”


K E L L Y + J O N 》》 5 . 26 . 2017

“Mackenzie is the best! From the very first time my husband and I met with her, it felt like we were talking with a long time friend. She made us feel so comfortable during our engagement session and then throughout our Wedding. Mackenzie was there first thing in the morning when I started to get ready until we walked out of the venue that night. She was so accommodating and really took the time to get to know my husband and I and what we wanted for our Wedding Day. We loved our photos so much we have recommended her to family and friends. She was able to take our Holiday photos last year and we will continue to have her capture our families memories for years to come.”


D E A N N A + C O L I N 》》 j u l y 2018

“Mackenzie is such a sweet person and a phenomenal photographer. She did my senior portraits in college and my engagement session 2 years later. Mackenzie is the perfect balance if friendly and professional. I think one of the most important things about a photographer is their ability to make you feel confident and comfortable - Mackenzie did just that! She really has a great artistic eye and my fiancé and I were so happy with how the photos came out. She is able to capture perfect lighting, amazing backdrops, and most of all she is able to capture the moment. Do not hesitate to contact Mackenzie for your photography needs! She is quick to respond and extremely professional. We are so happy to have had her as our photographer for our engagement photos!”


b r i t t + k y l e 》》 9 . 29 . 2017

“Mackenzie was amazing!!! Not only did she photograph our wedding, she did our engagement photos too! 

Engagement: We didn’t have a typical engagement session!! She came out to us in a blizzard, where we then went to a park down the street to take the pictures! We honestly got the most amazing photos during the storm and the 3 of us had so much fun!! The pictures came out amazing because it was all natural laughter. She was able to come up with quick ideas of where to stand and what to do! Because of the snow, my hair started to get curly after a while (it was straight to start) and Mackenzie just happened to have on the perfect hat herself that matched my outfit and she offered it for me to wear for some of the ending pictures! Me wearing her hat left her head exposed to the snow instead but she was more than happy to do what she had to do to get the best shots! We actually ended up picking one with her hat and one without for our favorites!!! 

Wedding: Mackenzie had a lot of great ideas for the pictures and we were able to work out certain setups before the big day. We even went with her videographer Ryan Gilman who did a great job too! He was able to help her get the best shots! Both of them were fun and made it fun for all of us! Mackenzie was punctual for the morning. She started the morning at our house where the Groom and Groomsmen were getting ready. She was able to capture lots of great pictures of them and keep them on schedule! (Had to make sure they wouldn’t show up a mess) She then came to the hotel where I was getting ready full glam squad with my bridesmaids. She got amazing pictures of the natural light in the room and found places for me to take pictures. Mackenzie was even great with adjusting to a quick change of plans. My grandma had fallen and was in a rehab and unable to make it to my wedding. I asked Mackenzie if it would be ok to make a quick stop at the rehab facility (where luckily it was on the way from the church to the reception) she followed the limo and came in with us! She got great pictures that my Gram will be able to keep! Mackenzie was awesome when getting the bridal party together too! I’m sure that’s a hassle because no one is paying attention but she was able to get us all together and get all the pictures I wanted! She even found time for just Kyle and I to get the best seasonal shots! She made us feel so special! We got married in the fall just as the leaves were starting to change. We got pictures with a huge tree starting to change colors, then the sky happened to turn pinks and yellows and blues and she was able to capture that too! The reception was a blast!!! She hit all the marks on everything I wanted!! My husband and I even broke out in a fast dance during our first song and she got great pictures! Ryan, the videographer was able to capture the whole thing too! It was perfect! I’m pretty sure that Mackenzie was having a good time taking the pictures and I know I saw her smiling all day and night! 

We got our pictures back within a good amount of time and they were better than I expected!! You could say I’m obsessed with them for sure! 

Everything was documented beautifully and I would highly highly highly recommend Mackenzie! In fact, I’ll have to book her again real soon for myself because my husband and I are expecting and we want her to do our newborn shoot!!! 

Advice: Pick Mackenzie for your special day or event and you won’t regret it!!!!”

cover photo + a full spread in SO Rhode Island Magazine

cover photo + a full spread in SO Rhode Island Magazine


B E T H + P H I L 》》 6 . 10 . 2017

“Mackenzie was recommended to my by another photographer during my wedding vendor search, and I could not be happier with the recommendation. From our first meeting, Mackenzie was prepared, accommodating, and made me feel like no matter what - my photographs would be beautiful. My husband and I really got to know her during our engagement session, and by the time our wedding came around, I felt as though we were being photographed by a friend. 

Mackenzie did an excellent job capturing all of the important moments from our wedding. From the hair salon to the ceremony to all the details of the reception, I now have beautiful photographs to remember my wedding by. She was a hit with out entire wedding party, handling bridal party and family group photos (full of rowdy people) with ease. She also took advantage of our surroundings, and was able to use the backgrounds in creative ways to get the best photos possible.

I cannot say enough how much I love our photos. They are absolutely gorgeous, and even over a year later I am still obsessed with them. Mackenzie did an incredible job editing them, with beautiful lighting and use of color. I have prints of the photos all over my house, my desk at work, and am filling up our families walls as well. 

To sum it up, I cannot recommend Mackenzie enough. She made our wedding photography an amazing experience, and not only do I feel like I've found a friend, but I know I have an incredible photograph to document the rest of my life's important moments. 

Thanks Mackenzie!”


a s h l e y

I’ve done two separate shoots with Mackenzie and both were phenomenal. My sister and I both graduated last year around the same time so we decided to surprise our parents with pictures. Mackenzie was able to get he best shots of the two of us even in our cap and gowns. Her emotions were so genuine in capturing the perfect moment to surprise our parents and she was so creative in getting the most extraordinary shot. 

For a gift I wanted to do a boudoir shoot, something I’ve always thought about but never mustered the courage to actually do. Mackenzie made me feel so comfortable and confident in my own skin. Every photo made me feel beautiful and strong. Mackenzie focuses on natural beauty and through the photos she took, it made me feel radiant. Thank you so much for being the most fantastic photographer. You’re missing out if you don’t book with her.


n i c o l e + k y l e 》》 10 . 13 . 2018

“Mackenzie is a talented photographer and very easy to work with. She was very clear with what she needed from me and my husband, and was efficient in ensuring that our “must have” shots were taken before family members dispersed to the cocktail hour. She is agreeable and easy going, yet focused enough that I was relaxed because I knew I could trust her. I never felt like the flow of the day was interrupted for a picture - she just managed to get it! And of course, the pictures came out amazing! I’ve only seen the preview - which came quickly - but I am in love and can’t wait to see them all! Book with Mackenzie!!”