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they are If I’m not home editing or somewhere with a camera in my hand, you can find me outdoors, camping or hiking with my little family. I have learned over the years that hard work does pay off - but it is also extremely important to prioritize spending time with the ones you love -

what to expect

I take pride in what I do, and always set out to document your memories at the best of my ability.

i care

i care about the light

i care about the colors

i care about the location

i care about the comfortability

i care about our chemistry

i care about you

sun flares » wildflowers » mountain views » salty hair » and all of the tall grass

I know where I thrive, and that is outdoors » so take me as your third wheel on your next adventure and lets have some fun.

built my business » pushed through hard times, seeing the light » uri film student » in the woods » in the weeds » willow » hiking » camping exploring »